Sunday, 20 June 2010

Leicestershire Round part 1. Newtown Linford to Mountsorrel

So as well as walking around Leicester in a series of loops we decided to thread the needle and walk the Leicester Round as well. This walk was more of a family adventure and so I didn't take that many photos. It was cracking day with some great wildlife observations. We saw a tree creeper and a Green woodpecker in Bradgate Park and a melanistic bunny beyond that. The day started cold but got much better to the very end. All in all a great day. Role on next week!
Old John in Bradgate park.
From Bradgate park over to Swithland reservoir and Mountsorrel Beyond.

Swithland Reservoir.
Looking back at Bradgate Park from Swithland.
Looking down on Swithland Reservoir from Buddon Hill

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